Meet Dr. Hu Periodontist

Dr Julia Hu DDS

Periodontics & Implant Specialist

胡奇志  牙周专科医生


Dr. Julia Hu graduated at West China Medical University in 1985, majored in Dentistry. Dr. Hu practiced as a dentist and instructor in Xiangya (Yale in Changsha) Medical University. In 2000, she received a DDS diploma at Loma Linda University in the US. Dr. Hu worked individually and for the US Navy in Texas, New Jersey and in California. She is the first Chinese American dentist who hold doctor degree of dental surgery in China and US in the Navy reported by the World Journal. It made front page.
During her working in the Dental department of US Navy General Hospital, she experienced intensively in oral surgery, root canal, periodontal surgery and orthodontic treatments. She worked on tens of thousands of uniformed service people who were fighting against terrorists globally.





Separated with honor from the Navy, she went to the University of Medical and Dental in New Jersey for her advanced periodontic and implant specialty. She handled the most complicated implant patients for the University hospital. Dr. Hu had been the only honor student in the periodontics department during her school years and graduated as Chief Resident in UMDNJ